Monday, 3 December 2012

3 Interesting Ways to Use a Lipstick

1) As a concealer

The concept of coloured concealers can somehow be related to lipsticks of different shades. Blemishes may require different colours to cover up better. For example, if you have an orange lipstick, you can actually use it to neutralize the blemish and finish it off with a concealer of your skin tone. Instead of using coloured concealers, you may want to opt for coloured lipsticks. To understand the concept of coloured concealers, click Concealer 101 : How to use Coloured Concealers?

       2)  As a blusher
       There are two methods to this : 
       First method : Start off with any colour you would like to apply on your cheeks. Apply the lipstick to the back of your hand and dab it on the apples of your cheeks using your index finger. Blend it upwards and evenly.
       Second method : All you need is a brush and your lipstick. Swirl your brush onto the lipstick and swirl circularly on your cheek bones
      When blending lipstick into your skin, be gentle as too much of pressure pushes lipstick into the skin. Set your lipstick-blusher with translucent powder after application to improve the staying power  

      3)  As a lip stain

Lip stain is a lip colour product which stains the lips so that the colour lasts longer. Use a lipstick as lip stain. Dab a little of your lipstick on your finger and blot it into lips.


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