Saturday, 19 May 2012

Can Your Phone Really Give You Zits?

These days, cell phones are a part of everyone’s daily lives. You will be horrified to learn that all that time spent with your phone to your ear could be causing you to break out! If you are getting pimples along your cheek and jaw, those may be from your cell. Look at which side you generally talk on your mobile. If your breakouts are on the same side, cell phones are to be blamed.

We text on our phones, check emails, update our social sites and carry them everywhere. After all that, it is no surprise that our phones are covered with germs. Now think about how every time you talk on them, you are actually allowing these substances to get on your face. Yuck! 

Here are some tips to reduce breakouts on your face :
    1)  Instead of calling, texting can be an option. If calling comes in cheaper, hold the phone carefully  without it touching your skin.
      2)    Clean the phone at least once a week by rubbing alcohol on it.
      3)    Wipe over your phone with hand sanitizer.
      4)    Next you use your cell phone, let your hair make contact with the mouth piece.
      5)    If your phone has buttons, use a dry q-tip to get any dust out from in between the buttons.
      6)    Drink water throughout the day.

      7)    Keep up with your daily skincare routine ( cleansing, moisturizing etc).



  1. OMG i've got a ghostbump --"

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    Herdiana Surachman

  2. This is really interesting! Great post xo

  3. This a good post. I was actually speaking to a GF about this. She thought I was talking crazy. Now I have proof! Lol

  4. Great tips! Following you honey!
    I Want It All

  5. What a cool blog! This particular post caught my eye. I rarely talk on my mobile phone (it makes my ears feel funny!), but when I do I notice that my phone is wearing my makeup instead of me! Lol.

    Best wishes
    Glynis @


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