Monday, 8 April 2013

Fragrance Line That Will Make You Smell Like Whiskey, Tea & Paper

If you want to smell like whiskey, tea and paper, you’re definitely a weirdo! Heyy, don’t blame me for saying that, a normal person wouldn’t want to have such scents on their body. If you wish to be different, there’s a brand new fragrance line that will make you smell like one!

Commodity, a L.A based online fragrance company has an affordable fragrance line with 20 scents! Other smells include Dew, Magnolia, Cloth, Wool and Gin. If you’re not sure about the smell, Commodity will send you a pack of 3-day tryout kits based on your scent profile. Try them out, order your scent and ‘POOF’ the full size fragrance will be delivered to your doorstep! 

Will you give this a try?


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