Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Suffering from Back Acne??

Acne infection happens not only in the face, but also on the back. Bacne is a term used to refer acne problem on the back. Like acne, bacne is the consequences of clogged pores and inflamed skin. Here's a couple of steps that may help you to battle bacne. 

1) Get yourself a body brush with long handle, these brushes are usually available at beauty stores for an affordable price. While showering, lightly scrub the entire back area with the brush. This will exfoliate the area removing oils, dirt and dead skin cells. Switch to body wash that contains the zit buster salicylic acid or hyroxy acid. Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash is a must have!

2) If your working out, wear clothes that help your skin to breathe (light t-shirts) and shower afterwards. Don't sit in your sweat as it will cause breakouts.

3) Lift your hair after rinsing your conditioner and wash your back. Any leftover can clog your pores.

4) Believe it or not, long hair causes bacne. Wear your hair up as much as you can. Try not to use too many styling products (heavy creams, serums) as they will clog your pores.     

5) Change your bed sheet frequently as it is suitable for bacterial growth. Besides, bed sheets allow bacteria to get on your body.

6) Avoid wearing tight clothing and clothing that rubs against the skin. Tight clothes can irritate the skin. If you have sensitive skin, this can make your bacne worse.

7) Drink plenty of water. Water will flush out chemicals that cause oil production to increase.

8) Do not take really hot showers! The heat will cause irritation on your back and causing the acne to be inflamed.

9) Shower frequently.

10) Avoid stress.

11) Avoid wearing a backpack. It can make you sweat, especially underneath the straps. That can cause dirt and bacteria to clog your pores.

12) Try to always have fresh fruit juices and vegetable salads to keep your skin healthy and resistant to skin blemishes.

13) Exercise regularly as it helps to get rid of harmful toxins in the form of sweat.

Back acne treatments :

a) Proactive Deep Cleansing Wash
b) Neutrogena Acne Body Wash
c) Aloe Vera
d) Oxy Body Wash
e) Apple Cider Vinegar
f) Mix a bit of Vinegar and Lemon Juice and dab a cotton swab inside
g) Tea Tree Oil
h) Jojoba Oil
 i) Baking Soda


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