Saturday, 12 January 2013

DD creams are here!

DD creams??? Seriously?!?!? It was just like yesterday when I joked about DD creams. And recently DD creams were launched in UK. So i’m guessing there will be EE creams, FF creams, GG creams in future! Well, I’m really looking forward to that

As we know, we have BB and CC creams in market. BB creams are more like a moisturizer + foundation thingy with anti-aging benefits. Then, came CC cream which provides better coverage and covers uneven skin tones. And now... DD creams are on its way to be the next big thing!

According to a source, DD creams (a.k.a Daily Defense Creams) target the foot and body with a heavier texture. A self tanning DD cream was launched in UK which means we will be seeing DD creams soon enough! 

Have you tried BB or CC creams? Which one is your favourite?


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