Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Review : L’Oreal Paris Derma Genesis Pore Smoother Scrub

The packaging is a regular squeeze tube of 100ml. This scrub has foam like texture with red micro beads which acts as an exfoliator. This product claims to be non-comedogenic, definitely a plus point for those with acne prone skin. This scrub is gentle enough for daily use. 

L’Oreal Paris says :

“With gently purifying clay and micro-beads, it deep cleans skin and gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving skin purified and residue free. With BHA and micro-beads, it naturally enhances daily cellular renewal to provide smoother, brighter and fresher skin.”

My verdict :

You only need a small amount to wash your entire face which makes this product long lasting. This clay-based scrub helps to control the oil production but it makes my skin dry. As we know, dry skin is prone to breakouts.. so, what I usually do is, I moisturize my skin right after using this scrub. Problem solved! :D However, I did not witness much improvement on my blackheads (my baking soda trick works so much better :P). It didn’t really help much in minimizing my pores. I should probably use it longer and see how it goes. I always notice a difference after using this scrub, my skin feels refreshed and softer! Overall, this product can be considered as a good scrub. 

Note : The product in this review was included in the goodie bag from OnlyBeauty’s Blogger Launch Party 


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