Sunday, 30 June 2013

Review : Mary Kay® Dance to Life™ Eau de Parfum

This fragrance has got an appeal to it. It’s mild, yet long-lasting. In fact, the smell can last for hours (from my experience, the smell is still there even after 10 hours). There were times during the day, I detected a slight tangy smell to it which was kind of soothing and refreshing.

As for the packaging, at first glance it looks simple, yet attractive. The genie-in-the-bottle kind of shape gives it an elegant look and it’s pleasing to the eyes when placed on the dressing table. The pinkish colored cap looks very feminine!

It’s worth the money. Once a day application, for two weeks yet the bottle is more than ¾ full! 

Mary Kay® Dance to Life™ captures and celebrates your passion through a wonderful medley of floral and citrus, making you feel happy, joyous and moved to dance.

Note : The product in this review is sponsored by Mary Kay. I am not affiliated with the company in any manner. All opinions stated are my own honest opinions. 


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