Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sunscreen vs. Sunblock

Are there any differences between sunscreen and sunblock?  Most people refer sunblock as sunscreen and vice versa. In fact, manufacturers often interchange this terms, so relying on the product’s name is not an option. So how can you actually differentiate these two things? 

The Similarities :

Both sunscreen and sunblock protect your skin from the harmful UV rays

- Sunscreen absorbs into the skin and reflects the UV radiation on the skin
- Sunblock sits on top of your skin and blocks the sun’s UV rays

The Differences : 
Sunscreen :

- Usually colourless.

- Appears as clear film when applied.

- Protects against UV radiation.

- Cannot be reapplied on top of old sunscreen. Sunscreen is meant to be absorbed into the skin to provide protection. The old sunscreen which has lost its protective properties will not be able to allow the new sunscreen to absorb properly. If you wish to reapply, remove the old sunscreen first. However, sweat can actually wash off the sunscreen, so reapplication may work only if the skin is dry.

Sunblock :

- Comes in different colours.

- Protects against UVB and UVA light (The ‘A’ in UVA stands for Ageing and the ‘B’ in UVB stand for Burning).

- Stays longer compared to sunscreen.

- Can be reapplied on top of old sunblock.

Choose the right SPF!!

The SPF Formula :

SPF Number x Time to Burn without Protection = Time to Burn With Protection

For example, if your skin takes 15 minutes to burn without sunblock, SPF 30 will give you 450 minutes in the sun until you burn.


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